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Online Sports Network

The #1 toolbox for your sports organization. Multiple services via one single platform.

Committee of FC Munsbach "We found a dynamic and ambitious partner for our website who perfectly fits to us. We especially like the functionalities and interactivity that this website offers."
Committee of FC Munsbach
Emile Muller "Sport50 differentiates itself through its competence, its youth, its dynamism and its cool design."
Emile Muller
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Club website

You will get a multifunctional club website that offers your sports organization a wide range of interesting tools. Manage your roster, standings, results, game statistics, player statistics and play-by-play live action. You can also easily manage your calendar, member attendances, and many more in order to represent your organization in a professional manner.
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Mobile version

With your club website comes an automated mobile version of your site, making it more accessible for all your fans and members, no matter where they are. Furthermore, you can manage your organization's platforms easily at distance and post updates through your smartphone.
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Network Sharing

Work together with other member organizations of the network. Mutually update results, standings, statistics, game sheets and share photos, videos, articles and other content via our unique Network Sharing functionality. This way, you will save a lot of time and work!
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Sponsorship Network

Join our very unique and exclusive sponsorship network. Our network gives you have the possibility to earn money for your sports club ! We take care of everything and allow you to monetize your club website and mobile version. This way, you can raise funds for your organization without any extra effort.
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Social Connect

Manage all major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,...) of your organization through one single platform! Your organization?s website is connected to all social networks and your content will be automatically posted on these platforms. Your organization can easily communicate with fans and reach a wider public without any additional work. The updates posted to your website and mobile app will automatically be posted to all social networks.
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Social Network

Through your website and the integrated user-system, you can connect your fans with each other, let them get to know each other and create a supporting community around your team. Being connected to the Sport50-Network also means that you can benefit from an own integrated Social Network on your club website. This means that your users can friend each other, write messages, comment on your articles, upload photos, add favorite teams, and a lot more.
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Connection to Newspapers

You can connect your organization to the local media so that newspaper articles about your organization are automatically shared on all your platforms. Your platforms are always up-to-date, without any effort.