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Professional Team and League Websites at affordable prices.

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  • One of the user-friendliest Sports Management Systems worldwide
  • Easy to connect with your Players, Staff and Fans!
  • Manage Game Results and Schedule
  • 100% unique and professional website designs
  • Customize your website's content
  • Attract new Sponsors
  • Reach a wider public
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The team websites of the Sport50 Network offer your sports team or league all you need in order to be represented in a clear, professional, comprehensive, good-looking and extensive way on the internet. With this content management system, your sports organization can easily communicate and connect with fans, players and officials. Top notch, customized and unique designs help attracting new fans and sponsors, and simply put you ahead of your rivalry organizations. Websites within our network are connected in a certain way with each other in order to provide time-saving interfaces and easier browsing. On top of that, your website can be fully customized and updated whenever you want, whereever you want! No extra knowledges are required! Schedules, results and standings can be managed easier than ever before. All the big features and tools are included in our packages, leaving no wishes behind! Take a tour!

Basic Features

Add Unlimited Pages
Create an unlimited number of pages. Easily organize your menu options in order to create a better overview and organisation to allow faster browsing

Customize your content
Add an unlimited number of page elements to your pages. You can select between multiple elements from our library, for example add text, images, links, documents, custom HTML and more

Update within seconds
You can easily update your content whenever and wherever you want. No special computer knowledge is required

Calendars and Schedules
Manage your team's games, practices & events with ease. With the ability to sync your calendar with iCal (iPhone etc.), Microsoft Office and Google Calendar, you can keep all your members up-to-date in real time

Game scores, standings & stats
Update game results, standings, individual player statistics and team statistics within a few clicks for detailed season-by-season statistics

Team Rosters
Add players and staff to your team roster and provide all information that your fans need. You can even create an all-time roster with one single click

Player Profiles
Update all player information like names, numbers, sizes & weights, positions, career stats and more for each member

Photos, Videos & Documents
Upload unlimited photos, documents, and videos to your team's website and share them with other members

Fan Features
Get your fans involved and passionate — with comment streams, an own team chatroom and even a forum, there is much room for discussion

Custom & Unique Webdesign
Get a customized and 100% unique website design for your organization's website. Our professional designers will consider your wishes and create a top notch webdesign for you.

Easy surveys
Get to know your fans, members and visitors by launching multiple polls on your website in order to better meet their expectations and wishes

Faster communication
Create message groups in order to send bulk messages to certain groups of people — fans, volunteers, players or staff, you decide what your groups look like

Integrated Social Network
Being connected to the Sport50 Network means that your users can friend each other, write messages, comment your articles, upload photos, add favorite teams, and more

Website Statistics
Track the visitor statistics on your website in real time and see how well your site is doing on the web

Connect your fans
Start creating a more active and stronger fanbase. Connect your fans with each other, let them get to know each other and create a supporting community around your team

Manage Autorizations
Get your staff members involved by giving specific page editing rights to certain users

Mobile Versions
With your team website comes an automated mobile version of your site, making it better accessible for mobile users

Multiple Languages
Your users can select between several languages for the core of your website. Their default language is automatically detected by their geographic location




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