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Coaches / Staff
Darko Ristic - Head Coach and Athletic Director of LBBA
Before being a coach, Darko Ristic has first of all been a professional player. Starting basketball in Serbia only at the age of thirteen, joining the first team three years later, he made his dream of becoming a professional basketball player come true as he signed his first professional contract at the age of eighteen.

Darko played with and against many world-class European and NBA players, like Predrag Stojakovic, Zeljko Rebraca, Predrag Danilovic, Michael Brooks, Herb Johnson, Ron Anderson and many others. Playing first in top Serbian division, Darko later continued his professional career by playing in seven different countries all over Europe. He has been coached and trained by outstanding coaches as Miroslav Nikolic, Neven Spahija, Mario De Sisti, Slobodan Nikolic to name only a few.

At thirty-two years of age, Darko then decided to become a professional coach himself and mainly coached top division Switzerland teams as a Head Coach where he also always trained young selections aside. Having coached many professional players as well as non professional players at all levels and ages, has given him the necessary experience to advise our young athletes as to which direction they should follow upon completing our program at LBBA. Darko has reached many achievements in his coaching career, playing and winning several finals when being Head Coach of first teams as well as with young selections.

Furthermore, he has been the Athletic – Director and Advisor of a team’s own basketball training center in Switzerland where he implemented the complete training program for players from age 16 to 20. Darko's trademark is to work with young players, focusing on individual work, as this is the only way to become an accomplished player.


Master of Science in Management
Business School HEC Lausanne, Switzerland

Master of Science in Accounting, Control and Finance
Buisness School HEC Lausanne, Switzerland

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