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Full game recap: Tornado lost after a good fight

Luxembourg Tornado and Elan Champigny played very intense game on Saturday evening in Champigny. Game was very important for Champigny as they needed 2 points to reach place in play offs.

Tornado had a good start. In time 1.19 after good fore checking Olli Kuusjärvi
Olli Kuusjärvi
 passed to Thierry Beran
Thierry Beran
 for the open scoring spot. Beran used the opportunity, took a clean shot to the back hand side and the game was 1-0 for Tornado.

Both teams followed their game plan very well. Tornado had decided to protect neutral zone carefully and made breakouts very hard for Champigny. Champigny played patiently againts the trap and didn't take any risks. That caused huge amount of icings for Champigny.

Champigny had many scoring changes but Tornado's goalie Phil Lepage was the wall on the net. Anyway in the second period Champigny got their goal on power play when Remi Landay took an accurate shot from small angle and the puck when into the net over Lepage's shoulder.

In the third period Tornado got chance to get lead by having two men power play. Despite some good chances Tornado couldn't manage to score and teams kept fighting 1-1 on the scoreboard.

In the last minute of the third period Tornado got two penalties and Champigny had their chance for game winner and so on to reach the spot in play offs. Tornado kept fighting and the score was still 1-1 in the full time and first time on this season over time was played.

Tornado was still shorthanded when overtime started. The plan was to kill the penalty and then continue hunting the winning goal with the full squad.

Unfortunately Champigny had other plans and just 24 second after the face off Champigny's captain Romain Lefevre shot the winning goal from the blue line and Champigny players could start to celebrate their play off place.

Have to say it was a very good hockey game. Both teams kept in their game plan and played good hockey. As Lefevre said to the Tornado's captain Scheier after the game, Tornado made the night hard for Champigny. Anyway it's time to thank Champigny for the fair game and wish them good luck to the play offs...

Photos from the game will be uploaded in near future...

written by ThePassingOne, on 28.02.2016 at 21:51 h.

3 Stars of the game
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Romain Lefevre - Elans de Champigny
Remi Landau - Elans de Champigny
Thierry Beran - Tornado Luxembourg

Elans de Champigny
Tornado Luxembourg
Elans de Champigny
Tornado Luxembourg

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