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Club management

Club management

  • Member management

    Your club is a large community of athletes, coaches, board members, parents and fans. We can assist you in managing this community!

    • Manage your memberfees

      • Manage all members and their data using manageable groups and lists.
      • The various club administrators can work with the same lists. For example: the treasurer can use the same lists as the secretary-general and the coach. Never again repeat the same task twice!
      • You can even import your member list to immediately get started!
    • Work with groups

      • Organize your members in different interest groups such as coaches, board members, teams, volunteers, etc.
      • Generate calendar events only visible to specific groups.
      • Automatically send event invitations to specific groups.
      • Send group messages.
    • Manage your memberships

      • Create membership packages and fix membership fees, payment dates, etc.
      • Allow members to use modern payment methods like credit cards and PayPal.
      • Send payment requests and reminders.
      • Get an overview of due amounts.
      • Collect due amounts effortlessly.
    • Limit Access

      • Your club committee can work with same lists and data.
      • You decide who gets certain administration rights. For example, your secretary might get access to the club records, but only the treasurer will be able to edit those.



  • Using a single platform

    • You manage a single platform; Sport50 manages of the rest. We will take care of your website, your mobile app and social media accounts via your Sport50 platform. Reach your members and youngsters effortlessly wherever they are.
    • Website

      • Designed by you and easy-to-use website containing your images and logos.
      • Effortlessly publish pictures, videos, documents and other kinds of content.
      • No technical skills required to update and manage your website.
      • A mobile-friendly version of your website is available to you.
    • Mobile App

      • Manage Liveticker on your mobile phone.
      • Write or edit news at any time and post it on Facebook / Twitter, your website and mobile app.
      • Send push notifications for the latest news and scores.
    • Social Media Management

      • Automatically manage your social media via your platform.
      • News, galleries and events can be posted automatically on Facebook and Twitter.
      • Tom can even create content for you, like, for example, game announcements, results, player birthdays, random facts and other interesting details and post it on your social networks.

Club website

Club website

  • Professional club website

    You will obtain a multifunctional website that offers your sports organization a wide range of interesting tools. Manage your roster, rankings, results and statistics effortlessly. And your club is always up-to-date with it's own Liveticker.

    • Mobile version

      In addition to the club website you will obtain a mobile version of keep your fans and members up-to-date at all times. When you're away you can easily manage or update your platforms via your mobile version.
    • Generate revenue

      Generate revenue with our very unique and exclusive sponsor network. We will take care of everything and help you monetize your website and mobile app. This way you can effortlessly make money for your organization.
    • Network sharing

      Cooperate with other members of the Sport50 network (results, rankings, statistics, etc.) via our unique "network sharing" function and save a lot of work and time.
    • Social connect

      Manage the clubs' social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) on a single platform! Everything published on these social networks will be automatically made accessible to a large audience.
    • Club software

      You will obtain a multifunctional website that offers your sports organization a wide range of interesting tools to create member lists, manage memberships, send messages to your members and so on.

Online store

Online store

  • Create a unique online shop

  • Choose the products (tracksuits, jerseys, accessories...) that you wish to sell.
  • Use our personalized design ideas or simply upload your own.
  • All you have to do, from that point no, is set the selling price and profit margin that you desire.
    • No financial risk

    • We take care of the storage, printing, packaging and send the products directly to the customer.
    • There are no underlying costs, investments, deposits and therefore no risks on the behalf of your association.
    • The perfect shop for your fans

    • The entire process takes place in Sport50-quality. This means a large variety of products, a simple payment system, an ease of ordering and a fast delivery.
    • Earn money without any personal effort

    • The profit will automatically be transferred to a bank account of your choice.



  • Calendar management

      • Use the calendar to organize practices, games and events
      • Synchronise the calendar with your phone, MS Outlook, iCalendar, Google Calendar, and others
      • Export the calendar whenever you like
    • Invitations and visibility rights

      • Automatically send out invitations to your members for specific events.
      • Make events visible for everybody or only for specific groups of members. Ex.: a board meeting can only be seen by the members of the board.
    • Attendance Tracker

      • You can easily track the attendances of your members on different events.
      • Attendances can be confirmed by your members via the mobile app, website or in the invitation e-mails.
      • Coaches and board members can then easily trace and review attendances
    • Booking System

      • Give members the opportunity to book courts, material, trainers, or others.
      • ...or simply manage your courts or fields internally



  • Be more attractive to sponsors

      • Increase your sponsors’ visibility.
      • Display them throughout your pages
      • Get an overview of the sponsorship statistics.

        Automatically generated professional sponsor reports!

      • You can automatically generate reports for each of your sponsors.
      • These show how many people have visited your club website, mobile app, social media and have been reached by the press. But most importantly, these show how much profit your sponsors have made!
      • This way you can prove that their investment hasn’t been in vain!
      • Gain your sponsors‘ confidence by showing that you have their interests at heart!

        Join our very unique sponsorship network

      • Make money with our very unique and exclusive sponsor network. We will take care of everything and help you monetize your website and mobile app. This way you can effortlessly make money for your organization.