About us

We have a passion for sports! Our mission and our desire is to create the best tool for sports organizations in the world. We want to help those who give their whole heart to their club.

In collaboration with clubs, federations and sports organizations within our network we want to create this tool, because collaboration assures a good product and pleasant mutual relations. We owe a huge thanks to our community for joining us in this awesome journey that started in 2014, and we hope that you'll continue to be a part of this adventure.

Our roots lie in the sport and technology world. That and the fact that we have different backgrounds, such as marketing, communication, web development, finance and sports, makes our team work like a well oiled machine.
Gilles Mangen

Gilles Mangen - CEO

Gilles is an ice hockey goalie and tries to get less shots fired at him at work than in hockey. He co-founded Sport50 with the idea to make a real change in the world of amateur sports. He's the driving force behind the Sport50's strategic vision and manages investor relations. Before Sport50, Gilles co-founded zports.com and was active as an IT Consultant.

Tim Wiltgen

Tim Wiltgen - COO

Tim is a soccer player and creates fewer problems at work than he does on the field. He is committed to amateur sports clubs and the people who support these. At Sport50, he leads the daily operations, including product development and customer support.