Our Clients

What do our clients say?

We found a dynamic and ambitious partner for our website who perfectly fits to us. We especially like the functionalities and interactivity that this website offers.

Committee of FC MunsbachFC Munsbach

Sport50 differentiates itself through its competence, its youth, its dynamism and its cool design.

Emile MullerUN Käerjeng

Awesome design, flexible, and easy to handle. Excellent service and after-sale service - always an open ear for new ideas.

Committee of FC Una StrassenFC Una Strassen

The system is easy to handle. The statistics and video function are excellent.

Christian CoosFC Déifferdeng 03

We are happy that Sport50 adapted its product progressively to our specific needs and proved flexibility and the ability to adapt.

Beckerich HedgehogsBeckerich Hedgehogs